You see a bunch of “Bad Embreses” that look to do you harm as you are walking with your Wife from the local bar.  Although they are a quarter of a block away, the tension makes it feel that you are only a few feet from danger.  Thoughts of what you r last instructor started to kick in and suddenly you start to think of an escape plan.

So you begin to plot your POA (Plan of Action). You are armed with your favorite sidearm chambered in God’s caliber; that’s the .45 right? With 7 rounds of ammo and three threats you begin to remember what your last class went over: grip, stance, breathing, point shooting, transitional drills, movement, cover, concealment and protective covering of dignitary (since you have a loved one with you).

You have recalled the great skill sets you were taught and are ready to react as they come closer and suddenly its “Go-Time”. They edge closer and you begin to get ready to draw from concealment, while blading your and ready to go to a “Strong Hand” shot and you use the support arm in order to control your Wife.  Now the bad guys have closed within 21 feet and now in your “danger zone”.  Distance is no longer and ally and here they are ready to hurt you………when suddenly….they ask for directions to the bar you just left and continue on their way.

Whew, that was scary right? Your mind is racing while your chest is throbbing and you exhale and inhale slowly to regain yourself.  You go over things with your Wife on the way home and she makes you feel like her big strong hero; you would have saved her if they were up to no good; she reminds you how wonderful you are.

The in the privacy of your own thoughts, you have a moment that’s even scarier that the potential encounter; you haven’t trained at doing any of the engagement movements you were going over in your mind! There is no real life instructor that worked with you on anything remotely close to what you were imagining. You suddenly realize that all the drills you were so ready to do, you have only seen on YouTube, Facebook, some movie, or chatted with your Call of Duty friends about.  The only reason you even have a compact .45 is that your buddy said it was a cool gun and some guy online said the same thing.  Crap, then you remember you haven’t even shot the gun, you still have the magazine loaded with target rounds, and you haven’t even attempted to draw this damn thing out the holster; WAIT!!!!! What holster!!!!!!

This is what more people go through they won’t admit to out load since they want to remain cool and accepted by their real life and social media friends. Don’t worry about what others perceive you to be and get out and actually train.  The internet can be a great source of advice but if you don’t couple self-defense and firearm tactics with competent training it means nothing and I mean nothing.

Get off the couch and the blogs and get out and put some rounds down range with some instruction.  Any professional shooter, instructor, or self-defense expert still takes training and/or tips from others in order to challenge themselves to get better on the range or at teaching.  You cannot think a potentially life or death situation will play out like an action movie; instead, take training to respond with action to protect your life.   – KD, No Other Choice